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Spotify Wavelength

D&AD New Blood Brief

The Ask: To transform Spotify from simply a listening experience into a social experience. How could we get people to share and discover more about their music taste through Spotify? How do we get people comfortable enough to talk about their music?
Introducing: Spotify Wavelength, a physical, visual representation of your music taste.

Key Features 

Updated Profile 

A new and refreshed profile page allows for more personalization and customizability.
Featured are your wavelength, public playlists (with new featured activity word tags to label each playlists' purpose), top songs to show what's currently your favorite jams, groups where you can find + connect with others who share similar music interest, and locations that you've saved while exploring community pages that you've checked into by geo-location. 


Your wavelength has a color-coordinated gradient specifically made for you based on the genres you listen to most.
Your wavelength is always evolving. You can customize your wave to indicate when and how often you listen to music through scaling and tagging.
The scaling feature allows you to visually see how much you like a specific genre. Looks like Indie rock is an ultimate favorite! 

Spotify Community

To discover other listeners more easily and find people with similar wavelengths we’ve created the Spotify Community.
This new addition allows you to easily search for other users, what they are listening to, and could even help you find your next favorite song through friend activity, recommended groups, and trending tags.

Spotify Location

To broaden your horizon, you can search new music based on your location whether that be where you’re currently located or to somewhere new.
When you search by location you can learn about the local music scene. Clicking on the Vibing in Richmond, will give you curated playlists by Spotify based off of what locals listen toduring their favorite activities. You can also discover popular public playlists by users in the area. To see what bands and artists are coming out of that city you can select listen like a local, and discover your new favorite band. 
richmond location.gif
With the option to easily see public playlists, it gives you the opportunity to find and connect with others you might not have otherwise.
Spotify Wavelength and Community aims to better help music lovers/enthusiasts share, discover, and grow on their music journeys together.

Created with Jade Giddens, Charlie Hudson + Chandler Saunders. 

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